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Behind The Scenes: COIL Yoga with Katie Flinn

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Katie Flinn, Owner of COIL Yoga is a fearless mother, wife to her soul mate and a daughter to the “best mom ever.”  Katie believes we strive to find peace in our days, contentment in our bodies, and satisfaction with the work we do in the world to make a difference.  When she’s …

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First Take: Coil Yoga

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First Take:  COIL Yoga by Ashley McBride

When I think about yoga I think about deep breathing, stretching and peacefulness.  When I was told I’d be attending a class with a premiere Yogi I thought about BooBoo and picnic baskets. Because I’m a grown up. 

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First Take: Hot Yoga with Blue Moon Yoga

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I went to a Bikram Yoga class (hot Yoga) twelve years ago when I lived off of Power Bars and vodka.  It was hot and I could feel poison surface in my body.  It’s taken me this long to go back.  I’ve promised through Valley Sweat Life to try things that scare me, change me, …

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Crystal Uyeno

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What is your healthy living philosophy?

I try to keep things balanced and intuitive. Cupcakes and coffee on a Friday, Salad and green juice on a Saturday.


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